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Hetty Wennekendonk, your Wedding Officiant

Take your own wedding officiant with you!

You've decided to get married. What a wonderful journey you will start together!

A lot has to be done to prepare for a wedding. A date should be picked, you have to choose a wedding location, book a band or DJ, a photographer, a weddingplanner and / or a master of ceremonies. Many couples begin at least a year in advance with all the preparations. You want this day to be perfect and with good preparation you can.



Take your own wedding officer, and choose for a personal, enthusiastic, warm and special marriage ceremony. Together we take the time to prepare for the ceremony so that it lives up to your expectations. We create a ceremony that suits your wishes. No standard speech, but your own story. Perhaps you want to write your own wedding vows or use certain rituals at the ceremony.

If you wish your children can have an important role at the ceremony too. For example when handing over the rings, reciting a poem or any other way you want. The whole ceremony will be interactive, with humour and fully addressed to your wishes.


I’m fortunate to have been able to perform many wedding ceremonies. Young people, middle-aged couples, two brides, two grooms, different nationalities, in different languages, many second marriages with and without children. At home and abroad.


I'm open to your wishes and my only goal is to provide you a great day! For more information or questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Together we will make your day extra special.

Why me?

I have my own style: casual and informal. No boring speech, but one with a smile and a tear, but above all a laugh. Interaction with the couple and the guests makes the ceremony lively. And my enthusiasm is constantly noticeable. Besides that I want you to fully enjoy this day, I also enjoy myself being part of your special day.

 I know my languages, I speak English, French, German and Dutch of course. So a speech in one of these languages is no problem for me.

The use of symbolism and rituals during the wedding ceremony is beautiful and makes a ceremony personal and special.

 I am very pleased with the fact that since April 2001 the male / male and female / female marriages are possible. Incomprehensible that this was different before.

The singing wedding officiant

Music definitely adds something to a ceremony. Live or on CD, music moves you. But what would you think if the wedding officiant would sing a beautiful love song at the beginning, before or after the vows, and at the end of the ceremony.

Perhaps the groom wants me to sing your special song to the bride or vice versa.

I work with a pianist - Dennis Ramauter - and together we have already prepared a nice repertoire. That can always be extended on request, so your own input is certainly possible.

During the ceremonies with the singing wedding officiant until now, it has shown how special this experience is. And not only for the couple and guests but also for Dennis and me.

If you would like to listen to some recorded demo’s of me and Dennis please click here.


Wedding officiant Hetty Wennekendonk

Klompstraat 14

7311 CP Apeldoorn

The Netherlands


+31 (0) 6 50873059


Chamber of Commerce: 08203971

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